Connecticut Landscape Design and Installation

Connecticut Landscaping

Landscape Design and Installation Services
Chenail Landscaping offers numerous services to address any and all landscaping issues and projects that you may have in mind. No job is too small or too big. We work closely with all of our customers to meet all of your expectations and needs. Chenail Landscaping offers the following landscape services.


West Hartford CT Lawns
Lawn Renovations
Chenail Landscaping will provide topsoil and seed to the smallest of areas, along with complete site development and grading. The objective is to always provide our customers with a yard that is fully usable, along with bringing increased value to your property.

Shrub Pruning CT
Shrub and Ornamental Pruning
Chenail Landscaping provides the pruning of all shrubs and ornamentals at the appropriate time of the year. Our Arboricultural practices provide the proper techniques in all or our pruning. This enhances the health and growth structure of each species natural development.

Landscape Design Installation
Walkway, Patio, and Stonewall Design, Repair and Installation
At Chenail Landscaping we specialize in walkway, patio, stonewall design, repair and installation. Let us assist you with your sidewalk; front entrance or fire pit. We can install concrete pavers, along with all types of various stone that is requested. At Chenail Landscaping you can be assured that every installation is done timely and professionally.

Landscaper Newington CT
Edging and Mulching
Chenail Landscaping will professionally edge all of your of beds with a defined crisp edge. During this process we can also remove weeds if needed. We also use only the finest quality of mulch from our local suppliers. Chenail Landscaping can handle all of your mulching needs, along with enhancing the appearance of your property.

Lawn Mowing Service Newington
Lawn Mowing
Our weekly mowing service is performed with the complete expectations of our customers. Our skilled workforce will leave your yard trimmed and clean each and every week. We treat your home as we would ours.

Yard Lawn Care CT
Spring and Fall Clean-ups
Spring and Fall Clean Up services are a must and are an important part of our yearly services at Chenail Landscaping. They include general clean up of seasonal debris such as leaves, sticks, and plant materials from lawn and bed areas. Special attention is given for thorough removal of leaves from shrub and perennial beds, exposed window wells, and around air conditioning units in the Spring and Fall.

Landscaper Design Services
Landscape Consulting Services
Do you have problem areas in your yard?
Perhaps you have a difficult, shady, soggy, or hot section that just won't cooperate. Or you're having trouble figuring out which plants to place in that oddly shaped planting bed you inherited when you bought your home.

Special events and celebrations at your home?
You want your garden to shine for an upcoming wedding reception or party?
Does your front yard need some sprucing up and staging for a home sale?

Is your front entrance uninviting or missing curb appeal?
Maybe you need that perfect focal point tree or shrub and the yard needs a bit more color?

Or does your yard just need to be updated, and you just need the professional consultation to help guide you in the right direction?

Chenail Landscaping is here to help you. In addition to landscape design; Chenail Landscaping provides customized, on-site consulting services on all these issues and more. Call for a complementary initial interview to determine how we can best meet your needs.