Connecticut Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services
Chenail, LLC offers complete customized lawn care programs for the greater Hartford Connecticut region and are specifically designed for the needs of your property. Our granular programs use only the highest quality products available to our industry. All of our programs are designed with an Integrated Pest Management approach, which also allows us to offer Organic Lawn Care Programs as well. Our fully licensed management and technicians possess the knowledge to diagnose and treat any issues that may develop in your lawn.

Granular Application CT
Granular Fertilizer Applications
At Chenail Lawn Care we use the highest quality slow release granular fertilizers for your lawn. Granular fertilizer will build a stronger root system in your grass plant, which is the basis for a healthy thick lawn. Also our slow release fertilizer helps avoid rapid growth spurts.

Organic Lawns
Organic Programs
Chenail Lawn Care organic program uses all natural corn gluten for weed and crabgrass control. We use organic fertilizer to improve your soil and increase the beneficial microorganisms in your soil.

Insect Control
Lawn Insect Control
Chenail Lawn Care possesses the expertise and knowledge to diagnose insects and potential issues they may develop. The appropriate products will be recommended to control or prevent insect infestation.

Weed Control Shrubs
Pre-emergent Weed Control
Dramatically reduces the weed population in your shrub beds, stone areas and patios. This service will prevent most weed seeds from germinating. Reduces the need for hand weeding and gives you more time to enjoy your yard.

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy Sprays
Contact with poison ivy can leave you with a rash and persistent itch. This native perennial grows throughout Connecticut, in woods, fields, and sometimes in the garden. Chenail Lawn Care has effective controls for this invasive weed.

Lime application hartford
Lime Applications
There are many advantages that are a direct result of the liming process. At Chenail Lawn Care we know that a balanced pH enables deeper rooting, thatch decomposition, and improving nutrient availability to the grass plant. We use superior products that enhance the speed of absorption to the grass in your lawn. The pH of your soil is extremely important. The required nutrients might be in your soil, however without a balanced pH, they cannot be absorbed by your grass roots. We include liming your lawn as part of our all-inclusive 5-step program. Most other companies charge extra for this necessary and valuable service.

Lawn Care Repair
Lawn Care Renovations
If your lawn is thin or damaged from insects, disease or drought, our renovation program is the answer. Turn that unsightly lawn into something worth coming home to. We will provide top soil if needed, and mechanically seed damaged areas to provide stronger more insect and disease resistant varieties of grass.

Over seeding
Mechanical Over Seeding
Many lawns were established with common type turf grasses not suited for the needs of today's homeowner. They're often more disease and insect prone, requiring more fertilizer and water. Chenail Lawn Care uses proven mechanical over seeding machines to plant the grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil. The investment in over seeding pays off by reducing the amount of fertilizer, water and pesticides required. Let Chenail Lawn Care renovate your lawn to keep it greener, thicker and healthier.