Connecticut Tree Care Services

Tree Care Services
Chenail, LLC provides our greater Hartford Connecticut area customers with superior tree care services and has an on staff fully Licensed Arborist. We specialize in the insect and disease control of trees and shrubs. Our tree care programs, along with our tree and shrub fertilization programs also provide an Integrated Pest Management Approach. This assures you that any and all treatments will provide the proper care and health to your trees and shrubs, and will be designed for your specific needs.

Connecticut Tree Disease
Integrated Pest Management
Insect and Disease Control to Trees and Shrubs
Countless insects live on, in, and around trees and shrubs - many are harmless, while others can cause numerous issues with your trees, and have a dramatic affect on the life expectancy of your trees. Chenail Tree Care offers integrated pest management services to prevent and help eliminate the insect and disease issues on your trees and shrubs.

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Shrub and Ornamental Pruning
Chenail Tree Care provides the pruning of all shrubs and ornamentals at the appropriate time of the year. Our Arboricultural practices provide the proper techniques in all or our pruning. This enhances the health and growth structure of each species natural development.

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Tree and Shrub Fertilization
Chenail Tree Care deep root fertilization program, injects a slow release fertilizer directly to the root system. This supplies your trees and shrubs with all the proper nutrients they will need to grow to their full potential. Healthy thriving trees are better prepared to fight off pests, disease, and environmental stresses. Let Chenail Tree Care assist with helping your trees and shrubs reach their full potential.

Connecticut Tree Services
Anti-Desiccant Sprays
The typical anti-desiccant spray creates a barrier on needles or evergreen leaves that helps slow the loss of water during the winter. Moisture loss through needles due to exceedingly dry, cold air, and wind can create an unhealthy environment for many evergreen tree and shrubs. Chenail Tree Care uses anti-desiccant sprays to slow down this process significantly, creating a glossy shield on broadleaf shrubs and evergreens. If you have exposed shrubs or small trees that might benefit from this type of treatment, contact Chenail Tree Care today.

West Hartford Connecticut Tree Services
Tick Controls
Our goal at Chenail Tree Care is to create an environment as inhospitable to ticks as possible while maintaining the type of landscape you desire. Treating property borders, wood lines and heavy traffic areas from deer, during the prime months of tick activity and repopulation will help alleviate the potential health hazards that ticks possess.

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Deer Repellant
Deer are perhaps the homeowner's most difficult challenge to control. By applying various products to your shrubs and ornamental trees, this discourages deer from feeding on these plants. Chenail Tree Care will be more than happy to provide you a free analysis as to the proper approach in dealing with today's ever growing deer population.